My favorite style is ballet, but contemporary is a close second! I love ballet for how each combination at the barre builds upon the previous one, for how each careful tendu somehow personifies the beauty, precision, and hard work of the art form. Dance is like layers of tulle: passion and emotion layered with determination and training, until all the audience sees is an ephemeral image of beauty.

I also have a passion for choreography. My favorite thing to do in the morning is to put on some music and just dance. I like the challenge of fitting movements to music and themes, and the full creative control makes it much more fun to practice a single phrase over and over, as if it’s an adventure. I’ve choreographed three solos, one of which placed sixth regionally in the National Student Dance Competition when I was in 9th grade. Sadly, we aren’t allowed to participate in competitions during the school year at TNUA, so I’m left with choreographing for fun in my free time!


I taught myself crochet; it’s a really important hobby to me, it helps me destress and is an awesome creative outlet!


I choreographed this dance and entered in the Solo Competition in Chu-Pei by Riverbank Dance Company in the summer of 2018.

Fracture is about an event or realization completely fracturing your worldview, and the process of coming to terms with it.


Krymménos Böse: duet with Nĩna Brown last semester. I’m wearing the olive-green shirt and black pants (starting on the left)

Nĩna was an exchange student from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, and chose me for her project after seeing me dance in our summer intensive’s showcase. She choreographed this duet in collaboration with me.

The more dance-intensive parts are 0:30~3:08 and 4:08~5:33, but I think the exposition is important to set the scene if you have time!

The title means “Hidden Evil”, and it’s inspired by Pandora’s Box and the concept of schadenfreude.


“This Is Me Trying” is a bobble-stitch crochet scarf/decoration. It’s titled after a Taylor Swift song that got me through a tough time.


I adapted an online crochet pattern to create this ballerina doll!


Turtle was a fun Mother’s Day present to make; I finally figured out how to embroider eyes that look good!


This Sunflower Granny-square Blanket is my current work in progress!


Chinese calligraphy in Clerical Script of the Heart Sutra


Thank you! Here’s me and Pumpkin!

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